Some characters for cutting and pasting. They display as described on Ark’s web browser. If they don’t work on yours, you need to upgrade.

Ark’s web browser (Firefox 2.0.0/Linux) is set up to deal with MathML, including some fonts required to properly display it, but so far Ark’s blog doesn’t use it. However, correct display of some of the characters shown below just might depend on having those fonts installed.

See this blog for examples of the use of MathML.

It seems that the most backward and sideways compatible way to insert characters as entities into HTML and XML is to avoid both named entities and hexadecimal notation (even though the hexadecimal form is given in the standards), and use decimal: &#digits; . (Ark read this on an external references link from Wikipedia: Curling Quotes in HTML, SGML, and XML. See also Character References Explained.)

The WordPress editor usually converts entities (entered by clicking the Code tab to show HTML and typing the entity) to unicode character codes as soon as you press the Visual tab.

  • double curly quotes

  • single curly quotes

  • em dash

  • minus sign

  • plus-minus sign


  • not equal

  • logical and for those who don’t use &, wedge

  • Capital Lamba


  • Subset

  • Union

  • Intersection

  • Empty set

  • unadorned Right arrow

  • is an element of

  • small mu


  • Capital Mu


  • Capital Nu


  • Greater or equal

  • Less or equal

  • partial differential U2202 ∂ glyph image

Links (some from Wikipedia articles Unicode and HTML)


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