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Milk in the same meal defeats Dark Chocolate


See article.  (“Milk proteins prevent the absorption of polyphenols…”)  Archimerged interprets this to mean that any milk consumed with dark chocolate will also inhibit absorptions.


Vanilla cinnamon dark chocolate


I prepare a mixture of unsweetened chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla for breakfast each day. It doesn't raise my blood sugar much. It takes some getting used to, but no more than black coffee did. I no longer consume any caffeine other than whatever might be in the chocolate, which apparently is not much.

I do not recommend starting out with this quantity. This much chocolate has effects on the nervous system of the gut as well as the brain. I drink lots of water. Hardly any used to be left in my gut, even though I also used to eat a lot of wheat bran. Now a reasonable amount remains, sometimes a little extra, and I had to drop the wheat bran, hence the warning to start slow and make necessary adjustments. I also observe an antidepressant effect.

Here is how I prepare it:

1. Turn electric stove on high, put empty stainless steel teakettle on burner. Add 1 cup water.

2. In small glass mixing bowl (I use a dessert bowl but would like something just slightly larger because it spills sometimes) put 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, and 2 squares (2 ounces) of Kraft Baker's unsweetened chocolate (that's what my grocery carries, the orange box). Put in microwave full power 2 minutes (1500 watt microwave, I think — it's about the biggest microwave you can run on a 15 amp circuit).
3. Use a whisk to mix the melted chocolate and cinnamon. Turn off the stove and add boiling water. The chocolate is usually heated hotter than boiling water, and a little water will boil away when added to the chocolate. Mixing with the whisk generally ends up with a ball of chocolate inside the whisk and I have to bang it on the bowl to get it out. I plan to try a bigger mixing bowl so I can just dump all the water in and stir rapidly with the whisk without splashing it all out. Then it shouldn't dry out.

4. Add 2 capfulls of artificial vanilla and stir more. Natural vanilla is about 8 times the cost and I can't taste the difference. But I really do notice it when I forget the vanilla. I don't add the vanilla at first because I'm not sure it takes the heat well, but I don't actually know that it makes any difference.

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Eat Chocolate, Live Longer


I eat a square of Kraft Baker's unsweetened chocolate each day.

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