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Laura DiDio, BIFF smear Pamela Jones of Groklaw


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“Link to this article in your own blogs, by all means, also, if you write about that article and quote a sentence or two from it. That way when that LinuxInsider article appears in searches on Google and other search engines, so will your correction. It all helps to protect my good name, which I obviously care about and should care about.” — PJ

Misleading story in LinuxInsider which quotes Laura DiDio’s inaccurate statements, and which inaccurately summarizes Ubuntu founder and Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth’s statement:

Shuttleworth himself places the emphasis of his announcement not on the open source nature of his company’s software, but on the fact that it’s distributed for free.

But what Shuttleworth actually said is not quite the same:

In the Ubuntu community, we believe that the freedom in free software is what’s powerful, not the openness of the code,

“Distributed for free” is not the same as “freedom in free software”.

BIFF would like PJ to drop dead, etc., and libels her.

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