Big surprise — Archimerged has bipolar disorder

Archimerged sometimes remarked to colleagues that he probably was bipolar, but was always very receptive to any suggestion that he wasn’t, and happy to forget about the possibility. And when under diagnosis for depression, he somehow never mentioned the behaviors which would suggest bipolar.  They were embarrassing, so he never brought them up. Or something like that.  And so, he isn’t going to list all of the ridiculous projects he has worked on for a while and then abandoned…  But he did usually learn something from them.

But a drug specific for bipolar disorder, Lamictal (lamotrigine), has worked well for him for several months. Diagnosis by asking questions depends on the subjects understanding the questions in the same way, and on answering correctly. Archimerged thinks that the operational diagnosis (especially when treatment is in the form of drugs) is whether the drugs work or not.  This one seems to be working and doesn’t have unpleasant side-effects.


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