Water powered water pump vs. heat exchanger

The TrombePump design involves using gravitational potential energy stored in a descending column of bubble-free hot water to compress cold air bubbles in a descending column of cold water, and subsequently using hot compressed air to raise hot water in a bubble pump. There are two ways to do this. Either use a countercurrent heat exchanger to change the hot water into cold water and vice-versa, or use a water-powered water pump to lower the hot water and raise an equal mass of cold water. Either should work. It is a question of cost effectiveness. The countercurrent heat exchanger can be made arbitrarily efficient if it is made larger (and therefore more expensive and bulky). I'm not sure exactly how efficient a water-powered water pump can be. If the water is flowing rapidly, two turbines on a single shaft might achieve efficiency comparable to the heat exchanger, and if attached to a motor-generator, the TrombePump could produce electricity rather than compressed air.


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