Why heat engines?

The reason for designing heat engines is like the reason for robbing banks: "That's where the money is." Or in this case, energy. Our civilization needs abundant energy. Until recently, this need was satisfied using mostly fossil fuel and hydroelectric power. Now the chickens are coming home to roost, and we need to pick out a better alternative.

Archimerged believes many heat engines, located where energy is needed and running off the available low temperature difference, can capture enough energy. He wants to find a good design, and attract the attention of poeple who can build, test, and refine it.

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One Response to “Why heat engines?”

  1. 0xff Says:

    If watch travel videos from anywhere in the world, you will see gasoline and deisel powered vehicles. It drives home the point that making an alternative is not going to be easy because the energy that gets made must have the same mobility as a score of gallons of petrol.

    Heat engines by themselves are not portable and don’t excite the imagination. But if we can connect with a portable form of energy and show how heat engings can make that in ‘limitless’ quantity, maybe some eyes will be caught.

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