A “Trompe” seems to be a reverse bubble pump

On the Permaculture Lynx page of the Permaculture Association of Tasmania Wiki, I found this link describing a "trompe."

Harness Hydro Power With A Trompe Energy System – free Compressed Air. It's use dates back to the beginning of the Iron Age, and yet – Like many good ideas involving the manufacture of power – The "trompe" concept has been all but forgotten.

The system certainly is not highly efficient, and appears to allow the water to flow without extracting much of the gravitational potential, but it clearly works. The air comes out at the water temperature.



One Response to “A “Trompe” seems to be a reverse bubble pump”

  1. Douglas J E Barnes Says:

    A very interesting site you have here.

    The trompe can be used for all sorts of things including powering machinery. Just one little correction, though, that will reveal more uses for a trompe: when compressed air is expanded (i.e. released from pressure), its temperature drops at the point of release (P V = n R T).

    So, imagine running a car on compressed air. As the air runs through the engine and out the exhaust, it would cool. Thus you would have a car that contributes to global cooling – and this cooling could be put to use refrigerating in the car of air conditioning it. Compressed air could also be used to cool a house.

    And for another use, health-conscious scuba divers who don’t want oil particles in their air, which they get from compressor pumps, would love the air from a trompe.

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