Inkscape and SVG

I used inkscape to create some simple scale geometric drawings with labels. I discovered that inkscape doesn’t support nested coordinate systems: I couldn’t create a coordinate system for the geometric drawing separate from the coordinates of the image itself. At least not explicitly. What I ended up doing was ignoring the drawing boundaries completely and laying out the image as needed. Then I grouped everything, copied it, and pasted into a new image which I then sized to fit around the drawing, and saved. Then I converted that to png using gimp.

I discovered that the best way to put points where you want them is to use guidelines. Finding out how to create guidelines is not easy. But creating them is. You drag from the ruler to the drawing, and a guideline appears. To place it at a precise location, use the XML edit window, where you can edit the property and store the exact location.

In file/document preferences, you can select “snap to guides” and points and line endpoints stay where you want them.

I also discovered quite by accident that the xml file includes the full path name of where inkscape saved the file. Not good. An information leak if you didn’t intend to publish your username on the system where you edited the file.

See the post on krazyletter.  Well, maybe I’ll get back to working on the heat engine P vs. V, T vs. S diagram, in SVG…


One Response to “Inkscape and SVG”

  1. pony Says:

    just double-click on a guideline to set the coords..

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