Eat Chocolate, Live Longer

I eat a square of Kraft Baker's unsweetened chocolate each day.

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One Response to “Eat Chocolate, Live Longer”

  1. shelianorling Says:

    YES!! I love healthy dark chocolate too! In fact, I found some that doesn’t have all that other stuff like sugars and fats and fillers that reduce the health benefits. The benefit to the heart, kidneys, eyes, brain, and overall well being are astounding.

    Those interested in learning more about the health benefits and where to purchase the dark chocolate with the highest antioxidant ORAC rating available anywhere in many delicious forms can visit

    This healthy chocolate is even recommended for diabetics to help stabilize their blood sugar. It’s recommended for cardiac patients who have been instructed to lower their cholesterol and blood pressure too. It’s even been reported, in several studies, to help you lose weight.

    It’s phenomenal that such a delicious treat can provide such amazing health benefits.

    Coming soon…they’re launching an Extreme Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie in the beginning of Feb. 2008 and you can pre-order in Jan. 2008 at a reduced rate at

    You don’t have to eat bitter dark chocolate to get the health benefits. This healthy chocolate comes in many forms, all of which are very tasty.

    In-Joy! Shelia

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